Self Storage Tips

VT Self Storage Unit Tips

Hints for Easy Self-Storage in Vermont

Whether it's your first time renting a self-storage unit in VT or you've been renting units for years, we've prepared some handy clues to help you protect your belongings. 

  1. Always use high-quality locks on your storage to prevent theft. Tanguay Homes  in Newport, VT sells locks on site.
  2. When storing delicate heirlooms, use specially constructed boxes, such as wardrobe boxes.
  3. Store furniture and boxes on boards or wooden pallets to prevent damage.
  4. Cover mattresses and store them on flat surfaces.
  5. Store cooking utensils in larger appliances, such as stoves.
  6. Use furniture drawers to hold delicate items. Wrap them in bubble wrap or newspaper.
  7. When packing any small objects fill boxes completely and stuff open areas with plain newspaper to prevent collapsing when stacked.
  8. Be careful not to store anything combustible (such as paint and chemicals) or anything perishable (such as food).
  9. When storing lawn or gardening equipment, drain any fluids prior to storage to prevent any corrosive damage.
  10. Use trash cans to store shovels, hoes and rakes.
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